New video. I hope you liked it.

Wow april 5th…… How can that be„„„„ I’m so confused. 

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i did the thing

Calle & Moe - Dansmaskin (by CalleMoeProductions)

Anime Hour - Bleach Review (by AnimeHourShow)


and at this point i was screaming at the television 

I was scared at this pon’t for the things that going to happen after this.

Anime unboxing (by foxxxxssss)

Unwrapping my anime (part 2) (by foxxxxssss)

"MegaMan" Fan Film (by BlueCoreStudios)

Sonic - (Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film) (Spec Film) (by BlueCoreStudios)

I have this one….

I have this one….

About Guns (by thegr8stever)